Summer Success®: Reading

Summer School Reading Curriculum Grades K–8

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  • Why?
    Why Summer Success Reading

    Designed for Summer School, Designed for Success

    Developed by a well-known authorship team, Summer Success®: Reading was built from the ground up specifically for summer school, providing focused reading improvement during the fast-paced summer months.

    Flexible, Easy to Implement, and Affordable

    Convenient and affordable grade-level kits provide everything you need in one place to support 20 students. Each week a four-step lesson plan scaffolds instruction for all levels of students, with flexible pacing that can be used for up to six weeks and customized to accommodate additional students.

    Effective at Preventing Summer Learning Loss

    Targeted assessment options monitor students’ progress with group-administered pre- and post-tests, built-in daily assessment, and weekly self-evaluation. View the Research and Efficacy page to see how Summer Success: Reading can change lives.

    The Perfect Way to Engage Summer Learners

    Weekly Theme Magazines use high-interest fiction and nonfiction articles to motivate students, and Interactive Read-Aloud Books build fluent and expressive reading skills while introducing students to wonderful authors and genres.

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    • Summer Success: Reading Correlation Guides | HMH

      Correlation guides indicate where—and in many cases how—the Common Core Standards are addressed in the program. Download a PDF to see specifics at a particular level.

      Common Core Standards for English Language Arts

      Grade K (94 KB) Grade 1 (93 KB) Grade 2 (92 KB)
      Grade 3 (100 KB) Grade 4 (93 KB) Grade 5 (92 KB)
      Grade 6 (85 KB) Grade 7 (94 KB) Grade 8 (85 KB)
    • Authors

      Meet the authorship team that dressed up this summer school program for success.

    • Research

      Research-Based and Proven Effective!

      Summer Success®: Reading works! Researched, designed, and tested, Summer Success: Reading will help your students grow. Check out the research and see for yourself why this program is a one-stop solution to build reading skills for ALL students.

      Research and Efficacy (768 KB)
    • Testimonials

      Here what teachers are saying about Summer Success: Reading

      [Summer Success: Reading] was jam-packed with awesome, hands-on activities designed to gain the children’s interest and compel them into learning. I loved the cohesive nature of each week’s theme. — Reiannon Metz, Teacher Le Pera Elementary, Parker, AZ

      I really liked using this program. It provides constant reinforcement for developing reading skills. I loved the books selected and the magazines. — Claudia P. Valenzuela-Garcia, Teacher Vilas Elementary, El Paso, TX

      Students were very excited about the magazines. They were looking ahead to see tomorrow’s story. Some days they begged to read two stories. — Nancy Aley, Teacher Central Davidson Middle School, Lexington, NC

      Summer Success: Reading program offers review and reinforcement of important and essential skills designed to meet various levels of learners. Summer Success: Reading promotes and obtains ‘success’ with all children! — Brenda J. Bell, Teacher Nashua School District, Nashua, NH

      I found Summer Success: Reading to be a very effective curriculum. It was easy-to-organize and follow. There are proven and effective strategies and ideas and the students enjoyed it, especially the magazines. — Susan Stoddard, Teacher Monroe Public Schools, Monroe, MI

      [Summer Success: Reading] was a great program for everyone! Students found it interesting. Teachers thought it was easy-to-use. The curriculum is formulated to include the most up-to-date methods and best practices. — Susan Thornton, Teacher Fayetteville Elementary, Fayetteville, GA

      Summer Success: Reading is a comprehensive reading program that teaches all of our state standards for reading everyday. It also does an excellent job of reinforcing and maintaining skills. — Billye J. Jowers, Teacher Pineville Elementary, Pineville, LA

      I enjoyed using the Summer Success program. There was so much to choose from that there was never an opportunity for the students to get bored. They loved reading the stories in the magazines. — Karen Ridder, Teacher James Wood Middle School, Winchester, VA

    • Summer Success Math

      Looking for more than a reading program? HMH offers a summer school math program that gives you research-based, proven resources for effective instruction just like those you enjoy in Summer Success®: Reading.

      Summer Success Math Kit

      Summer Success: Math provides a complete and comprehensive summer school program with powerful reinforcement of grade-level standards. The program includes daily and weekly lesson plans that have proved effective in raising test scores. Motivating games and concept-builder activities are included to help reinforce the grade-level math strands.

  • Features
    Features Summer Success Reading

    The Summer Success® Kit Contains:

    • 20 copies of six Theme Magazines packed with engaging, highly visual nonfiction articles and literary fiction in a variety of genres (also available in 5 packs)
    • Teacher’s Edition with easy-to-follow four-step lesson plan, enhanced reading and writing activities, pre- and post-tests, and daily informal assessments to help you reach every student
    • Student Response Book that includes pages for vocabulary and word study, comprehension strategies, and pre-writing and writing assignments (also available separately)
    • Interactive Read-Aloud Books to model comprehension strategies and fluent and expressive reading, as well as to introduce wonderful authors and genres.
    • Six double-sided Teaching Posters featuring poetry and graphic organizers (write-on/wipe-off)
    • Letter Cards to build phonological awareness (K–3) and expand vocabulary (4–8) by making and sorting words and pictures and to motivate students with a variety of valuable word games
    • Reader’s Handbook that supports teaching the reading process, comprehension strategies, and reading across the curriculum (K–5 only)
  • Resources

    Please use these Teacher’s Edition replacement resources for Read-Aloud titles in Grades 2 and 5.

    Grade 2 Read-Aloud Replacement TE pages (488 KB)

    Grade 5 Read-Along Pages Reference Chart (441 KB)

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