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Summer School Math Grades K–8

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  • Why?
    Why Summer Success Math

    Designed for Summer School, Designed for Success

    Developed by a well-known team of mathematics educators, Summer Success®: Math was built from the ground up specifically for summer school, providing a one-stop solution to build mathematical understanding and proficiency for ALL students.

    Flexible, Easy to Implement, and Affordable

    An all-inclusive teaching kit puts materials and instruction in one “easy-to-implement” system. Summer Success: Math can fit any summer school configuration.

    Effective at Preventing Summer Learning Loss

    Summer Success: Math includes daily and weekly lesson plans that have proved effective in raising test scores. Targeted assessment options check for students’ progress and guide individualized instruction. View the Research and Efficacy page to see how Summer Success: Math really works!

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    • Research

      Research-Based and Proven Effective!

      Summer Success®: Math works! Researched, designed, and tested, Summer Success: Math will help your students grow. Check out the research and see for yourself why this program is a one-stop solution to build mathematical understanding for ALL students.

      Summer Success: Math Evaluations (378 KB)

      Summer Success: Math Research Base and Program Efficacy (1,054 KB)

    • Summer Success Reading

      Looking for more than a reading program? HMH offers a summer school reading program that gives you research-based, proven resources for effective instruction just like those you enjoy in Summer Success®: Math.

      Summer Success Reading Kit

      Summer Success®: Reading is a flexible, six-week summer school reading program for Grades K–8 in a ready-to-use kit that supports 20 students. Based on research and with a strong author team, Summer Success: Reading provides instruction in reading, vocabulary, and writing using real-world college and career-ready topics.

  • Features

    The Summer Success® Program Offers:

    • Four basic instructional components: Number Names lessons, practice, games, and focus activities
    • An emphasis on problem solving with daily practice focusing on choosing and applying a problem-solving strategy and analyzing the problem-solving process
    • Key math vocabulary as an integral part of daily discussion
    • Built-in diagnostic assessments: Pretests and posttests aligned to essential course content
    • Weekly planners, detailed lessons, pretest and posttest, math vocabulary guides, preteaching and reteaching suggestions, and daily assessment guides at point of use all in the Teacher's Edition

    The Summer Success Kit Contains:

    • Expanded student book Blackline Masters (also available as consumable student books in English and Spanish)
    • Wraparound Teacher’s Edition with integrated English language learner vocabulary support and general teaching strategies to differentiate instruction for students needing extra support
    • Recording Pads for Number Names wall and vocabulary
    • Perforated cardstock game materials, rulers, and 3-D geometric solids
    • Blank number cubes and plastic counters for games
    • Additional supplies (adding machine tape, plastic storage bags, fine-tip markers, etc.)
    • Math Handbook and Teacher’s Resource Book for additional instruction of essential math skills


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    HMH Professional Services includes teachers, leaders, and technologists. Our Professional Learning Consultants become part of your team, working right beside you to build and implement professional learning plans that respect the unique needs and culture of your school or district community. Through program, practice, and technical services, we work collaboratively to unlock the full potential of every student, teacher, and leader.

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