HMH Independent Reading Libraries

Success Begins with the Right Book

Fostering Reading Development Webinar

HMH® recently hosted a webinar about the new HMH Independent Reading Libraries, a solution that can help foster reading development within the classroom. Watch the video below to learn more:

Having lots of books—of any kind—in a classroom is naturally a great thing. But when a classroom is filled with books that are highly appealing, in a wide variety of genres, and at text levels that match the reading abilities of your students, it’s a game-changer. Students are motivated to read, assume more agency in their learning, and develop the skills and habits to become lifelong readers.

HMH Can Help

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt™ can build game-changing classroom libraries, tailored just for your students. Specifically, what can HMH Independent Reading Libraries do for you?

  • Provide expert analysis of student reading data.
  • Fill your K–5 classrooms with high-quality, “just right” books.
  • Motivate your students to read more, improving their comprehension, fluency, vocabulary, background knowledge, cultural literacy, and more.

What do classroom libraries with “just right” books look like? The HMH Independent Reading Libraries are meticulously curated to include a 50/50 balance of fiction and nonfiction, one third of which are trade titles, and tailored to match the Lexile® ranges and grade-appropriate interest levels of your students.

Learn More

Independent reading libraries have an enormous impact on students’ literacy development. Explore the many benefits based on a growing body of evidence from decades of research.

Discover how HMH® can tailor independent reading libraries for the students in your district or school. Learn about the tools available for collecting student reading data and compare actual school data to a tailored solution provided by HMH.

Learn about the number and types of books in the HMH Independent Reading Libraries, as well as the various packages that can meet the independent reading needs of your district or school.

Ready to let HMH tailor and build your independent reading libraries for you? Fill out a short form, and we’ll be in touch!