When families and districts partner for growth, English learners make the gains needed for success in and out of school!

Every child is a Scholar. Scholars aren't alone; they have a team—teachers, parents, and classmates—all working together toward academic goals. Families and schools working together to ensure our Scholars succeed—this is the mission of HMH Family Engagement.

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HMH Family Engagement: Making a Difference

Learn why partnering with English learner families in your district matters and what you can do to increase student success.

One Educator's Journey: HMH Family Engagement

It's one thing to read about a new program for engaging EL families; it's another to witness a teacher's experience first-hand. Nicole McGrain, EL Resource Teacher from Methuen, Massachusetts, describes how HMH Family Engagement breaks down barriers to engagement for EL families, which results in greater family involvement and student progress.

HMH Family Engagement Product Overview

This overview video demonstrates how HMH Family Engagement © 2017 brings families and educators together to improve the academic achievement of Pre–K—12 English learners through a combination of professional learning and product resources for conducting Learn Together Workshops. See how families and schools working together can accelerate English learners' academic language and literacy growth, transforming students into Scholars who are proficient in academic English—a true asset in today's increasingly global society. 

My family benefited from participating in the program. As a family we learned to efficiently organize our time together. We planned our homework/study time and tracked our progress together. I became a little more involved in monitoring homework and attendance. I tracked my children's attendance and homework for three months and rewarded them with a special family dinner. What I enjoyed most about my participation in the program was spending quality time with my children and seeing their self-esteem soar.
Leticia S. — Parent

A sustainable model for systemic change

HMH Family Engagement is a first-of-its-kind Pre-K–12 product offering districts a turnkey solution for involving English learner families in their children’s schooling, both inside and outside of class. Based on current, confirmed research, HMH Family Engagement provides all the professional learning—plus the materials—needed for effective partnering with families.

HMH Family Engagementprofessional learning is provided by the International Center for Leadership in Education (ICLE) and focuses on helping school teams develop the multicultural awareness and communication best practices needed to build a sustainable family engagement program.

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Practical Steps for Solid Partnerships with Families

A practical, yet effective implementation process built around the realities of today’s demands on educators and families.