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  • Why?
    Why Journeys

    Utmost Confidence with Proven Results!

    Built upon a research-based instructional design and proven efficacy results, Journeys is the most widely used reading program across the country.

    Empower Students to Read Rigorous Texts.

    A realistically paced close reading routine and online tools empower students to read rigorous texts. Using authentic text to anchor the core instruction, Journeys weaves the skills of close reading into a practical routine that is designed to have students read and reread for a variety of purposes, giving students more time to dig deeper into the text. The Student eBook provides tools that promote close reading such as responding to questions at point-of-use, highlighting text, and taking notes online. Journeys Close Reader consumable resources feature the high-quality paired text from each Student Book lesson and instruction in reading, re-reading, note-taking, and text annotation—empowering students to read any rigorous text.

    Flexible Literacy Instruction with Powerful Tools to Reach all Learners.

    Journeys “your way” with an array of powerful, easy-to-use digital tools. From the Teacher Dashboard, use the versatile and fully searchable Journeys resources to customize lessons that engage and inspire students. All resources, from lessons to practice materials, are at teachers’ fingertips.

    With Assessment, We Work in Progress.

    Journeys assessment offerings allow teachers to inform instruction, monitor progress, and prepare students for academic challenges. The ability to assess and score assessments online supports these efforts by making it easier to track and report as needed. 

    Leveled Readers Build Confident Readers.

    Journeys Leveled Readers allow teachers to meet the needs of students through multiple titles in a variety of genres at each level. With precisely leveled texts and lesson plans designed by Irene Fountas—Journeys Special Consultant and leader in guided reading—you can be assured you are systematically building reading success as well as confident readers.

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    • Program Overview

      Journeys is a K–6 comprehensive, research-based English Language Arts program built on the foundation of the proven Journeys instructional design that provides all students with a path to achieving rigorous standards with print and state-of-the-art digital components. Students are empowered by skill mastery, inspired by authentic, award-winning text, and are confident—confident in their problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, confident in their ability to analyze complex text, and confident that they are building the skills they need for college and careers.

    • Backed by Proven Results

      Success builds confidence.

      The research-based instructional design of Journeys, the most widely-used reading program in the country, is backed by the following efficacy studies that prove results were achieved.

      National Research Base (3.61 MB)

      HMH Journeys Research RCT Gold Standard Efficacy Study at Grades K–2

      Students using the Journeys program showed significant growth on all six outcome measures and all subpopulations of students using Journeys showed significant learning gains. Comparisons between students using Journeys and students using other elementary language arts programs showed that Journeys students significantly outperformed control students.

      Journeys Gold Standard Study (1.9 MB)

      Field Study Efficacy Research

      For this study a single unit was selected for the field study at Grades 2, 3, and 4. When comparing the pre- and post- test results, the average score increased by a statistically significant amount.

      Journeys Field Study (442 KB)

      Texas Journeys Multi-Year Quasi-Experimental Study

      At Grades 3 and 5, Journeys students had significantly higher achievement than non-Journeys students. The percentage of students meeting/exceeding the state standards in reading was greater at Journeys schools than the comparison schools.

      The Journeys advantage grew over the three-year interval, with the largest increase occurring in the third year.

      Effectiveness of Journeys in Texas using existing data sources (5.7 MB)

    • Engaging, Complex Texts
      Because of Winn Dixie

      Journeys uses multiple sources of engaging, complex text to develop a love of reading, teach strategies that result in close reading, and anchor all of the instruction throughout the lesson. 

      Anchor Text

      • Authentic, award-winning texts from favorite authors
      • Worthy of reading and re-reading
      • Serves as a model text for grammar and writing lessons

      Connected Text

      • Topically connected to the Anchor Text to develop content knowledge
      • Used as a second source to complete a performance-type task in Compare Text feature
      • Included in a consumable Close Reader for students to practice annotating and collecting text evidence

      Trade Books

      • Allow students to apply what they are learning in an extended reading opportunity
      • Accompanied by two weeks of Project-based Learning in the Unit Teacher Editions that segments the text, teaching the same Close Reading Routine as used with the Anchor Text. 

    • Differentiation & Intervention

      Whether through the print resources or eTeacher’s Guide with one click access, differentiation starts at point of use. Journeys provides a wealth of whole-class and small-group resources for flexibly meeting the needs of all learners every day right within the lesson. Daily Lesson Plans and a variety of resources provide tools to manage Small Group instruction.

      Small Group Planner

      Closely tying intervention back to the core program, the Write-in Reader, available in print or online, provides targeted Tier II intervention to help students develop the strategy of monitoring and clarifying. This re-reading for a purpose after each short passage supports analytic thinking and enables them to successfully access on-grade-level instruction. 

      Interactive Worktext

      For Tier III intervention, HMH Decoding Power: Intensive Reading Instruction provides support in foundational skills, bringing struggling students up to grade level through a system of sequenced skills from entrance to exit.

      Decoding Power Chart
    • Leveled Readers for Differentiated Instruction

      Differentiated instruction in small groups helps focus instruction and provide immediate feedback. Journeys Leveled Readers, leveled by Irene Fountas, offer a wide range of readability levels at each grade allowing teachers to accelerate student progress towards reading more complex text. Journeys Leveled Readers are tied to the topic of the Anchor Text, include lesson vocabulary, and connect and extend comprehension skills and strategies from whole-class lessons. In addition to the small-group instructional support in the Teacher’s Edition, every Journeys Leveled Reader comes with an 8-page Teacher’s Guide designed by Irene Fountas that supports students at their instructional level. Each Teacher’s Guide includes Running Records along with opportunities to promote thinking within the text, thinking beyond the text, thinking about the text, and writing about reading.

      Leveled Readers - Teachers Guide
    • Suite of Integrated Assessments

      From daily touch points to more structured quarterly pull ups, HMH Assessments are strategically positioned within the academic year to help you accurately gauge your students’ progress. To help you understand how they work together, we’ve organized our individual assessment items around three key objectives:

      • Inform your instruction for each student
      • Monitor progress to optimize outcomes
      • Prepare students and teachers for the next academic challenge or diagnostic milestone
      Journeys offers a full suite of assessments to meet these needs.

    • Developed by Literacy Experts

      Teach with confidence. Journeys is a research-based comprehensive English Language Arts program developed by literacy experts including Special Consultant, Irene Fountas.

    • K–12 Solution
      K-12 Solution

      The goal of English Language Arts educators is to build a continuum of standards instruction, student achievement, assessment readiness, and preparedness for college and careers. As the leading provider of ELA content, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt offers a continuity of learning experiences that span K–12. With Journeys © 2017 at Grades K–6 and Collections © 2017 at Grades 6–12, the progression from grade to grade and from elementary to secondary is connected by Shared Program Consultants, literacy experts, and familiar instructional design, features, and resources to ensure a continuum of achievement for students. 

      Common Resources and Components

      • Close Reader: Develops analysis skills by guiding students to read/reread, annotate the text, and cite evidence to support inferences and conclusions.
      • myWriteSmart: A collaborative interactive writing and performance assessment tool
      • Stream to Start™ Videos: Engaging format to introduce the unit topic
      • Channel One News®: Award-winning daily news program to spark conversations
      • FYI site: Provides contemporary informational texts and media to engage students with real-world connections
      • Interactive Lessons for Writing, Speaking, and Listening: Provide engaging digital lessons to extend and enrich instruction
      • myNotebook: Digital tool allows students to collect and organize their notes in preparation for writing
      • Language Workshop: Additional daily instruction for English language development that accelerates student acquisition of academic language skills
      • Continuum Assessments™: Measures student growth over time with technology-enhanced item formats that adapt to each student
      • Performance Assessment: Guided instruction and practice for successfully completing performance tasks

      Common Instructional Features

      • Text X-Ray: Breaks down the key ideas in the text and provides a way to make challenging concepts comprehensible to all students
      • Text Complexity Rubrics: Quantitative and qualitative text complexity at a glance
      • Annotate It! : Guides the use of technology into the instruction for seamless integration. 

      Writing Narrative
      Text X-Ray Journeys Text X-Ray Collections
    • Spanish and Biliteracy Resources

      Because HMH is committed to providing teachers and students with access to quality resources in both English and Spanish, a wide range of Senderos resources are available through the Journeys Teacher and Student Dashboards on ThinkCentral, including:

      • Leveled Readers
      • Family Connections: Letters Home
      • Decodable Readers
      • Cold Reads
    • Scope and Sequence

      Journeys is a comprehensive English Language Arts program that provides systematic instruction for Reading Literature and Informational Text, Foundational Skills, Speaking and Listening, Language, Writing, and English Language Development. To see the complete scope and sequence of instruction, click on the link.

      Grade K (409k)

      Grade 1  (298k)

      Grade 2 (829k)

      Grade 3 (770k)

      Grade 4 (776k)

      Grade 5 (261k)

      Grade 6 (228k)

    • Virtual Sampling

      Journeys © 2017 is a comprehensive, research-based English Language Arts program built on the foundation of the proven Journeys instructional design, providing all students with a path to achieving rigorous standards with print and state-of-the-art digital components. Students are empowered by skills mastery and inspired by authentic, award-winning text that builds confidence with:

      • Developing problem-solving and critical-thinking skills.
      • Strengthening the ability to analyze complex text.
      • Building the necessary skills for college and careers.

      Sample Journeys Now



      Sample Senderos Now

      Sample Now

  • Features

    Journeys is a research-based English Language Arts program with proven results. Focused, comprehensive instruction helps to engage and meet the needs of all learners, ensuring that every reader is empowered, inspired and confident.

    Close Reading Routine

    Close Reading Routine

    A practical three-step routine paces students, allowing them more time to dig deeper analyzing the text which, in turn, empowers them to read more complex text.

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    Anchor Text

    Anchor Text

    All instruction is tied together by an anchor text—authentic, complex text that anchors all instruction. These are the texts that teachers love to teach and inspire students to love to read.

    Learn More

    Leveled Readers

    Leveled Readers

    Journeys Leveled Readers offer multiple titles in a variety of genres at each level. Precisely leveled texts and lesson plans build reading success while also building confident readers.

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    • Student Resources

      The Journeys Student Book is a comprehensive resource that provides instruction and practice for all strands of ELA instruction: close reading of authentic, complex text; writing to sources; process writing; speaking and listening activities; academic vocabulary development; and grammar lessons. Journeys offers rich and engaging reading experiences through a wealth of authentic award-winning texts for all learners. The Table of Contents identifies the literary and informational selections, many of them exemplar and award-winning texts—the texts students love to read.

      Unit 1 Work Sheet - Reaching Out

      Beginning in Kindergarten with read alouds, all instruction is tied together by an anchor text—a core piece of authentic, complex text that does exactly what the name implies . . . it anchors all instruction. These are the texts that teachers love to teach and inspire students to love to read. Why does HMH® anchor instruction to authentic, complex text? Because only authentic, complex text is worthy of reading and rereading and only authentic, complex text mirrors what students will encounter on next generation assessments. This means seamless, daily practice and preparation for high stakes assessments.

      Anchor Text

      To develop the habit of close reading, students need practice analyzing complex texts. The Close Readers at grades 1-6 feature the high-quality paired text from each Student Book lesson in an interactive, read/reread format. To facilitate active analysis, students are guided to annotate and mark up complete texts. To strengthen student's understanding of the lesson topic, each close reading culminates in a written response tied to the lesson's Essential Question.

      Readers Notebook

      The Reader’s Notebook provides prompts and questions for text analysis as well as practice with reading comprehension, writing, and language skills.

      Readers Notebook
    • Digital Resources

      The Student eBook provides tools that promote close reading of complex texts. Students can respond to questions at point-of-use, record spoken responses, highlight text, and take notes online.

      Student eBook

      Create a learning environment that inspires all learners with digital resources that launch from the Student eBook unit openers. Much like movie trailers, Stream to Start™ Videos pique student interest, introduce the topic, and create a framework for thinking about the unit texts as a whole. For encouraging students to talk and write about today's issues and events, the FYI site provides fresh, curated informational texts related to the unit, while Channel One News® provides award-winning daily news to spark conversation.

      Three-Brand Icon

      Providing instruction and guidance for purposefully rereading specific parts of the complex Anchor Text, Be a Reading Detective inspires students to read closely and to analyze the use of language.

      Dig Deeper

      The Student Dashboard gives learners access to a wealth of resources, including the Student eBook, myWriteSmart, interactive digital lessons, and up-to-date informational articles related to unit topics.


      myNotebook allows students to collect and organize their notes in preparation for writing and discussions.

      MyNoteBook Dashboard

      Extend and enrich learning through engaging, student-directed Interactive Lessons in writing and listening and speaking.

      Interactive Lessons
    • Word Study

      Help students build their vocabulary knowledge through weekly lessons on academic and domain-specific vocabulary tied to the Anchor Texts.

      Vocabulary in Context

      Vocabulary in Context Cards help students deepen their vocabulary knowledge by engaging with the photograph, context sentence, and definition for each Target Vocabulary word. In the Student eBook, students can click on a highlighted vocabulary word to see and hear the definition in English and Spanish, providing student-directed point-of-use scaffolds for vocabulary development.

      Vocabulary Cards

      Vocabulary Strategy lessons give students the morphological and contextual tools they need to determine and confirm the meaning of unfamiliar words and to generate new vocabulary.

      Vocabulary Strategies

      An informational Vocabulary Reader for each lesson provides additional practice with the vocabulary introduced in the Anchor Text.

      Vocabulary Reader
    • Foundational Skills

      Building confidence in young readers begins with strong foundational skills. Journeys provides all the resources needed for Foundational Skills instruction, appropriate pacing, and a sequence of skills to help empower even the youngest learners. Fluency skills are taught explicitly once each week and are practiced and applied daily. In every lesson, students practice recognizing decoding elements and applying them to reading fluency. Decoding skills tie directly to spelling patterns and principles to ensure word knowledge growth across students’ reading and writing tasks.

      Foundational Skills

      Alphafriend Cards and activities provide letter-sound practice through research-based characters and songs.


      Sound/Spelling Cards are used for modeling and explicit instruction in sound-spelling correspondences.


      Decodable Readers and Blend-It Books provide opportunities to apply every sound-spelling correspondence in multiple contexts, building mastery.

      Decodable Reader
    • Leveled Readers and Vocabulary Readers
      Making Movies

      Build confident readers. Differentiated instruction in small groups helps teachers focus instruction and provide immediate feedback. Journeys Leveled Readers allow teachers to confidently meet the needs of students through multiple titles in a variety of genres at each level. With precisely leveled texts and lesson plans designed by Irene Fountas, Journeys Special Consultant and leader in Guided Reading, teachers can be assured they are systematically building reading success.

      Behind the Scenes

      In every lesson, Journeys includes a Vocabulary Reader, an additional leveled text that provides more contextualized practice with the vocabulary introduced in the Anchor Text. To build students' domain knowledge, each Vocabulary Reader is an informational text. And like the other Leveled Readers in Journeys, the Vocabulary Readers are supported by an eight-page lesson plan designed by Irene Fountas.

    • Extend Reading
      Extended Reading

      Engage and extend reading to inspire students to want to read more. Students in Grades 1–6 have opportunities three times per year to immerse themselves in a full-length trade book, drawing on their close reading experiences with selections in the Student Book. Each trade book has a title-specific lesson plan that contains the 3-part close reading routine that students are familiar using to analyze the Student Book Anchor Texts. To support 21st century learning, each trade book is available digitally with audio and each lesson features two weeks of project-based learning tied to the topic of the trade book.

      Reading Adventures Magazines for students in Grades 3–6 include texts and activities on a variety of engaging topics that motivate students to finish the school year strong.

    • Lesson Plans

      The Journeys weekly lesson plan for both whole-class and small-group instruction provides a clean overview and realistic pacing of instruction.

      Weekly Planner Spread

      mySmartPlanner, a powerful planning tool, and a few clicks allow you to spend less time planning and more time teaching the art of reading.


      Journeys fully searchable Dashboard resources are right at teachers’ fingertips to customize lessons to meet the instructional needs of all students.


      With HMH Player™, teachers can pull favorite lessons from their own collections along with open-source content and videos to customize Journeys’ lessons. HMH Player provides anytime/anywhere access to Journeys – work offline then sync work when online. It’s that easy.

      HMH Player
    • Support Close Reading

      Journeys empowers teachers with the support needed for preparing for close reading of complex text including “Why This Text?” — an explanation of what makes a specific text complex. A Text Complexity Rubric provides more than a level range; it also assists teachers in understanding the Qualitative measures as well as Reader and Task considerations. The Text X-Ray feature illuminates the key ideas and academic language features in the text and provides scaffolding recommendations so that teachers are prepared to support students where they are most likely to struggle.

      Complex Texts

      To provide flexible close reading instruction, the Close Readers are built into the instructional plan of the core Teacher's Edition and supported by Close Reader Teacher's Editions.

      Complex Texts
    • 3-Step Close Reading Routine

      Journeys weaves the skills of close reading into a practical 3-step routine that is realistically paced to give students more time to dig deeper analyzing the text.

      Through this 3-step close reading routine, students are taken back into the same text for different purposes and further engage with that text using online tools to organize their thinking. Time and support to read closely empowers students to read rigorous text.

      The Journeys 3-step routine to build close reading habits includes the following sequence:

      During the first read on day 1 of the lesson plan, students read the complete text and teachers provide the modeling and instruction to gain an understanding of the author’s big ideas.

      First Read

      During the second read, students apply the close reading “Dig Deeper” skills they were taught as they analyze short sections of the same text, citing evidence and responding at high depth of knowledge levels.

      Second Read

      The close reading routine culminates with an independent close reading of the anchor text, providing a gradual release that builds independence and empowers readers.

      Independent Reading
    • Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

      Engage students in the learning process through hands-on lessons in phonics, vocabulary strategies, grammar, text analysis, and writing and research skills.

      Journeys Screen Shot
    • Support for Intervention

      To enable students to successfully access on-grade level instruction, intervention is closely tied back to the core program. The print Write-in Reader or online Interactive Worktext provide targeted Tier II intervention to help students develop close reading habits that support analytic thinking. The text in the Write-in Reader is related in topic to the grade level Anchor Text and provides scaffolded support. Following the related text, the Reading Detective feature always connects back to the complex Anchor Text with step-by-step scaffolding to ensure all students have a path to access on-grade level text.

      Reading Detective

      For Tier III intervention, HMH Decoding Power: Intensive Reading Instruction provides support in foundational skills to bring struggling students up to grade level through explicit, sequential, and systematic instruction of skills from entry to exit.

      Journeys Work Sheet Decoding Power
    • Writing and Grammar

      Writing instruction in Journeys empowers students and teachers. myWriteSmart—a dynamic, award-winning writing tool—offers an intuitive online writing environment linked to reading that guides students through the process of collecting compelling text evidence to write skilled analyses of two or more texts according to specific prompts, just like they’ll encounter on next generation assessments. The Journeys online writing program seamlessly connects all learning tasks, including process writing in all genres, writing to sources, analytic writing, and performance tasks. myWriteSmart enables teachers to effectively evaluate students’ writing with eRater, as well as provides a way to communicate with students on their writing from start to finish. Thus creating a truly collaborative environment that empowers students and teachers to be successful.


      Writing Traits Scoring Rubric for each mode of writing guides teachers in accurately scoring students’ work each week.


      Performance Tasks in each unit of the Student Book provide step-by-step guidance in analyzing and synthesizing complex texts before writing a critical response.

      Performance Task

      Research and Media Performance Tasks at the start of each unit in the Teacher’s Edition provide students with multiple opportunities to develop and publish collaborative research projects of varying lengths.

      Reserach And Media

      The Common Core Writing Handbook complements the writing instruction in Journeys. It provides students with a model for each writing form, scaffolded practice, and a handbook resource. The Teacher’s Guide provides mini-lessons for every handbook topic.

      Common Core Writing Handbook

      Core Grammar instruction connected to writing develops students’ abilities to convey meaning effectively using conventional grammatical structures. GrammarSnap Videos demonstrate grammar concepts through short, high-energy videos.

    • Speaking And Listening

      Journeys instruction helps students develop speaking and listening skills—key 21st Century competencies. Classroom Conversation features prompt rich, collaborative peer exchanges. Speaking and Listening lessons in the Teacher’s Edition provide detailed guidelines for effective classroom discussions designed for all learners. Think/Pair/Share activities are ideal for engaging all students in academic conversations. Think/Pair/Share activities provide a variation in which students write their ideas before collaborating with a partner.

      Journeys Work Sheet Journeys Work Sheet
    • English Learner Support

      Journeys provides research-based support to meet the needs of today's diverse classrooms. Support for learners at all stages of English proficiency ensures that every student receives a world-class 21st-century education. Support for English learners' linguistic and academic progress is integrated into the core instruction. Throughout each lesson, the Student Book and Teacher's Edition provide instructional support that English learners need to read complex texts and meet high standards.

      English Language Support

      Language Support Cards preteach concepts in each lesson, build background, promote oral language, and develop high-utility vocabulary and academic language that enable students to contribute more fully to core activities.

      Language Support Cards

      Language Workshop is designed to provide additional instructional time for English learners to develop the English language knowledge and abilities needed to successfully engage with core content. Language Workshop lessons and materials support students in developing collaborative, interpretive, and productive skills, as well as in understanding how English works. Vocabulary Network lessons aid students in quickly expanding their bank of vocabulary by mapping the relationships among related words.

      Journeys Work Sheet - English Language Learners

      The ELL Teacher’s Handbook is a comprehensive guide to EL instruction including Professional Development, Best Practices guidelines, and classroom resources.

      English Language Learners - Teachers Handbook

      The ELL Newcomer Teacher’s Guide offers twelve focused, efficient lessons plus corresponding posters and videos that emphasize survival vocabulary and high-utility language functions for students needing the basics of English.

      English Language Learners - Newcomer Teachers Guide
    • Assessment System

      The comprehensive assessment system in Journeys provides the data needed to make informed instructional decisions.

      Evaluate Performance

      Entry-level assessments include: Universal Screening and the Language Workshop Assessment Handbook, which measures the progress of English learners across proficiency levels.

      Formative and Progress Monitoring assessments include: Benchmark Assessments, Unit Tests, and the Common Core Reading Practice and Assessment App. The Standards-Based Assessment Resource includes rigorous tasks and questions, complex text passages, and tech-enhanced item formats (online only) for valuable student practice. Intervention Assessments measure progress of students receiving intervention instruction. Performance Assessment provides performance tasks with guided instruction and practice.


      Weekly Tests

      The Weekly Tests, available at Grades 1-6, help teachers monitor and report student progress on key skills and vocabulary. To provide students with ongoing practice with rigorous assessment items, the online Standards-Based Weekly Tests in Journeys assess lesson-level mastery of standards with new passages and technology-enhanced items that mirror SBAC* and PARCC™*.

      Weekly Tests

      Running Records

      Also available for each Leveled Reader, record students’ key reading behaviors and understanding.

      Running Records

      Cold Reads

      The passages in Cold Reads increase gradually in Lexile® measures throughout the year, from below grade level to above grade level. Each passage is accompanied by selected-response questions and constructed-response prompts, requiring students to read closely, answer questions at substantial depth of knowledge levels, and cite text evidence. Perfect for practice in reading increasingly complex texts, Cold Reads support fluent reading and assessing students' progress.

      Cold Read

      * This product is not endorsed by nor affiliated with PARCC or Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium.

  • Previous Editions

    Scope and Sequence

    The Scope and Sequence provides an overview of the concepts to be covered in a given period of time, as well as how those concepts are addressed over the series as whole. Download a PDF to see the progression and order of topic introduction.


    Journeys Common Core © 2014 Scope and Sequence

    Kindergarten (5.1 MB) Grade 1 (4.7 MB) Grade 2 (4.7 MB)
    Grade 3 (4.8 MB) Grade 4 (4.8 MB) Grade 5 (4.8 MB)
    Grade 6 (4.8 MB)

    Journeys © 2011/2012 Scope and Sequence

    Kindergarten (6.9 MB) Grade 1 (6.7 MB) Grade 2 (5.4 MB)
    Grade 3 (4 MB) Grade 4 (6 MB) Grade 5 (4.9 MB)
    Grade 6 (2.9 MB)


    Correlation guides indicate how the Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts are addressed in the Journeys program. Download a PDF to see specifics at a particular level.

    Journeys Common Core © 2014

    Kindergarten (833 KB) Grade 1 (867 KB) Grade 2 (777 KB)
    Grade 3 (809 KB) Grade 4 (816 KB) Grade 5 (781 KB)
    Grade 6 (762 KB)

    Journeys © 2011/2012

    Kindergarten (780 KB) Grade 1 (809 KB) Grade 2 (851 KB)
    Grade 3 (850 KB) Grade 4 (821 KB) Grade 5 (860 KB)
    Grade 6 (780 KB)
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    HMH Professional Services forges student-centered partnerships with schools and districts in the belief that all learners deserve a quality education and the opportunity for lifelong success.

    HMH Professional Services includes teachers, leaders, and technologists. Our Professional Learning Consultants become part of your team, working right beside you to build and implement professional learning plans that respect the unique needs and culture of your school or district community. Through program, practice, and technical services, we work collaboratively to unlock the full potential of every student, teacher, and leader.

    Comprehensive Services for K–12 Educators

    We offer teachers and instructional leaders a full suite of learning and support to deepen their mastery and hone their teaching skills throughout the school year.


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