Holt McDougal Literature

Secondary English Language Arts Program Grades 6–12

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  • Why?
    Why Holt McDougal Literature?

    Built to Align Fully to Common Core State Standards

    Holt McDougal Literature contains in-depth selections and unique features to support Common Core State Standards and to better prepare students for English Language Arts assessments.

    Built-in Scaffolding to Support All Learners

    A variety of support is available to meet the range of your students' needs. Holt McDougal Interactive Readers are designed for on-level, below-level, and English language learners.

    Student and Teacher Interactive Online Editions with Point-of-use Access to Digital Resources

    Holt McDougal Literature online editions put everything at your fingertips. Interactive Whiteboard Lessons, a Common Core Solutions Site for teacher support, and Level Up remediation are just a few of the features designed to support teaching and learning.

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    • Common Core

      A Holistic Approach to Implementing Change

      While instructional materials aligned to the Common Core are a critical need, it's also important to think about the larger picture. How do you ensure your people, systems, and programs are all working together to achieve one common goal?

      As a recognized global leader in educational solutions, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt is uniquely positioned to provide comprehensive and customized support for every aspect of your transition to the Common Core Standards.

      Built to Align Fully to Common Core State Standards

      • Introductory Student Edition unit contains in-depth Common Core information. Essential Course of Study identifies 30 selections and workshops for maximum efficiency in addressing the CCSS
      • As required by CCSS, students read substantially more informational text, preparing them for future state and national assessments
      Reading for Information

      Unique Features Support an Emphasis on Citing Text Evidence

      • Line numbers on every selection facilitate citing textual evidence
      • Targeted Passages highlight passages critical to comprehension
      Targeted Passage

      Emphasis on Argumentative and Informational Writing

      • Comprehensive end-of-unit Writing Workshops fully aligned to the Common Core State Standards
      • WriteSmart Online and CD-ROM featuring CCSS-trait-aligned writing instruction
      • Editable rubric generator aligned to Common Core State Standards
      Writing Workshop
    • Partnerships

      Houghton Mifflin Harcourt & HISTORY

      Houghton Mifflin Harcourt has an exclusive partnership with HISTORY® to revolutionize the way students learn and the way educators present literature and history.

    • Authors

      Meet some of the featured authors for this program!

    • Correlations

      Correlation guides indicate where—and in many cases how—the Common Core Standards are addressed in the program. Download a PDF to see specifics at a particular level.

      Grade 6 (1 MB)

      Grade 7 (1 MB)

      Grade 8 (1 MB)

      Grade 9 (1 MB)

      Grade 10 (1 MB)

      Grade 11 (1 MB)

      Grade 12 (1 MB)

    • Scope And Sequence

      The Scope and Sequence provides an overview of the concepts to be covered in a given period of time and the features for addressing the concepts throughout the series. Download a PDF to see the progression and order of topic introduction.

      Holt McDougal Literature and Journeys (631 k)

  • Features

    Holt McDougal Literature provides the best in print and digital resources to fully implement the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts.

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    Print Resources

    The tables of contents boast a strong balance of classic and contemporary literature and diverse informational texts that progressively develop and apply students’ English Language Arts skills.

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    Online Resources

    The online edition of Holt McDougal Literature includes not only audio and videos but also teacher supports, author studies, hyperlinked vocabulary, and point-of-use links for review, practice, remediation, and enrichment activities.

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    Electronic Resources

    Digital tools provide students and teachers with the resources they need to meet today’s teaching demands and help prepare students for college and career success.

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    • Print Resources

      Student and Teacher Editions

      Holt McDougal Literature is a comprehensive resource, addressing all key points of the Common Core State Standards in English Language Arts (ELA) and preparing students for college and career success.

      Each reading selection includes line numbers to help students cite specific textual evidence and create written and verbal arguments based on sound reasoning and substantive claims. Writing workshops, media studies, and research units holistically address the integrated nature of the Standards. Students practice reading, writing, and speaking and listening by analyzing and producing an array of media. Language skills are addressed in every writing workshop, within each selection, and after selections to emphasize the contextualized nature of vocabulary and language.

      On-page references indicate the additional HISTORY® video feature that supplements selections throughout grade levels.

      Student Edition Grade 9 Unit Table of Contents

      Three Interactive Readers

      Holt McDougal Interactive Readers exactly parallel the Essential Course of Study section of Holt McDougal Literature.

      Holt McDougal Interactive Reader

      With this consumable workbook, students can record their thoughts as they read each selection. Skill builder pages with scaffolding and graphic organizers further strengthen student reading comprehension.

      Holt McDougal Adapted Interactive Reader

      Selections in this interactive reader have been fully adapted to target students reading well below grade level by modifying the complexity of content, vocabulary, and syntax.

      Holt McDougal English Language Learner Adapted Interactive Reader

      Selections have been adapted to target English language learners by modifying the complexity of content, vocabulary, and syntax. Skill builder pages with scaffolding and graphic organizers further strengthen student reading comprehension, with particular focus on academic and selection vocabulary. A comprehensive Teacher Edition provides additional differentiated instruction for English language learners.

      All three readers are also available online.

      Student Edition Grade 9 Unit Table of Contents

      Common Core ELA Exemplar Resource

      The Text Exemplars in the Common Core State Standards Appendix B exemplify the complexity, quality, and range of texts with which students must engage. The lessons in the Common Core ELA Exemplar Resource provide the instructional activities that students need to build knowledge and skills from each text.

      • Common Core ELA instruction for ALL exemplar texts
      • Close reading support to help students analyze complex texts
      • Text-based performance tasks for assessment success

      Common Core ELA Exemplar Resource (1.4 MB)


      Resource Manager

      This teacher resource contains all the support materials needed to plan and teach the Holt McDougal Literature units including lesson plans, selection summaries in four languages, ideas for extension lessons and activities, skills pages, and leveled selection tests that help teachers ensure students meet rigorous standards. Also included are a Big Questions Transparency Book and the complete collection of Big Questions that appear throughout the Student Edition.

      Resource Manager Grade 9 page 18

      Assessment File

      The Assessment File includes two assessment books for teachers designed in tandem with Holt McDougal Literature to provide a collection of leveled Diagnostic and Selection Tests and Unit and Benchmark Tests that assess the key points of reading comprehension, writing, and grammar.

      Assessment File Grade 9

    • Online Resources

      Online Edition

      The online edition of Holt McDougal Literature includes not only audio and video but also hyperlinked vocabulary and point-of-use links for review, practice, remediation, and enrichment activities.

      Teachers will save time with convenient access to preparation tools, including:

      • Lesson planning
      • Links to state-specific resources
      • Professional development

      Instruction is supported by online availability of:

      • Printable selection and unit resources
      • Electronic versions of all print resources, including Guide to English for Newcomers and Preparing for College and Career Success
      • Teaching transparencies
      • Answer keys

      All the benefits of additional online-only resources, such as mini-sites, Level Up, Online Remediation, and Holt McDougal Online Assessment, are included in the online edition. Everything is easy to find through the browse and search functionality.

      Online Editions Preview

      Follow these steps to preview the Holt McDougal Literature Online Edition.

      Go to preview.hrw.com

      Enter Sample Word* and complete the user registration

      * Contact your Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Account Executive for sample word

      Online Edition

      English Language Arts Common Core Solutions Teacher Site

      Support for implementing the Common Core State Standards into everyday curricula is available at the English Language Arts Common Core Solutions website. Site resources that help teachers guide student mastery of the Standards include:

      • Connections: Nonfiction for Common Core informational texts
      • Interactive Whiteboard Lessons
      • Links to HISTORY® resources, Newseum, and state-specific materials

      Interactive Whiteboard Lessons

      Correlated to the Common Core State Standards, Interactive Whiteboard Lessons focus on key skills for critical reading, literature, informational texts, writing, and language.

      For the best user experience, teachers should access the whiteboard lessons with SMART Notebook® or SMART Notebook Express.

      Figurative Language Imagery Lesson (22.1 MB)

      About This Lesson (114 k)

      Online Edition

      Online Essay Scoring

      Nothing can replace a teacher's thoughtful comments, but Holt McDougal Online Essay Scoring saves time by providing students with the practice and feedback they need to improve as writers and prepare for state assessment. Teachers can select from dozens of prompts for different types of writing assignments, including arguments, informational/explanatory texts, and narratives. Students receive an accurate score, based on either a four- or six-point scale, and detailed feedback for each category on the rubric.

      Online Edition

      Holt Professional Development for Language Arts

      This website offers in-service and support to teachers anytime and anywhere.

      • Fourteen professional learning videos. Holt McDougal program authors and consultants address the challenges of today's classrooms, including reaching struggling readers and using technology in the Language Arts classroom
      • Handbook for new teachers
      • Study guides for author publications
      • Printable support, such as facilitation guides
      • Relevant articles and research

      Level Up Online Remediation

      This multi-sensory tutoring program helps improve student mastery of literary and reading skills. Level Up diagnoses student strengths and weaknesses through a diagnostic exam and automatically assigns appropriate remediation tutorials.

      A posttest allows teachers to easily track student progress. Teachers can also assign tutorials to their entire class, groups of students, or individuals to help support instruction and review skills.


    • Electronic Resources

      One Stop Planners

      Students and Teachers can search and browse a comprehensive selection of resources that complement Holt McDougal Literature.

      For Students

      • Electronic versions of Student Edition pages
      • Audio support
      • Printable worksheets
      • ExamView® player

      For Teachers

      • Electronic version of Teacher Edition pages
      • Editable lesson plans and all print teacher resource pages
      • Functionality to assign resources to calendar days
      • ExamView Assessment Suite
      Teacher and Student One Stop CDs

      Connections: Nonfiction for Common Core CD

      Additional informational text, including some seminal works of American literature, on the Connections: Nonfiction for Common Core compact disc supplements Holt McDougal Literature. Nonfiction Connections are also accessible from the online editions in Student and Teacher Resources.

      Nonfiction Lexiles® (983 k)

      Teacher and Student One Stop CDs

      MediaSmart DVD-ROM

      Using a variety of real media, students learn to think critically and analyze the elements of media consumption and production, as well as the possible motives behind the message. MediaSmart instruction works in tandem with the in-book feature, Media Studies, and supports the unit skills.

      Teacher and Student One Stop CDs

      Holt McDougal Audio Tutor

      Professional readings of adapted selections in the Adapted Interactive Reader and English Language Learner Adapted Interactive Reader are paired with an audio track of guided questions and comprehension checks to reach auditory learners and/or students who struggle with traditional texts. Spanish summaries and translations of the annotations are also provided.

      Teacher and Student One Stop CDs

      WordSharp: An Interactive Vocabulary Tutor CD-ROM

      This interactive tutor uses accessible and engaging lessons to help students with vocabulary in two ways: by strengthening student ability to contextually make sense of unfamiliar words and by exposing students to high-utility and academic vocabulary. Also available online.

      Teacher and Student One Stop CDs

      WriteSmart CD-ROM

      WriteSmart is a comprehensive resource that supports and develops cornerstone writing skills. The student version includes more than 250 writing prompts and a writing model bank. Interactive student models, graphic organizers, and revision lessons round out this toolkit. Also available online.

      The teacher version includes ideas for writing, a writing model bank, and a rubric generator as well as interactive tools, such as:

      • Student models
      • Graphic organizers
      • Revision lessons
      Teacher and Student One Stop CDs

    • Available Digital Formats

      iBooks® Textbooks

      iBooks® textbooks offer rich, magazine-style student editions, multi-touch capabilities, and embedded interactive features to maximize learning engagement. Available for iPad® and iPad mini™.

      iBookStore Badge


      HMH® eTextbooks

      eTextbooks include all of the content from the print Student Edition. Available for all major devices, additional functionality may include zoom & resize, scroll, text and keyword web search, bookmark, and notes.

      Learn more about the technical specifications and guidelines for these products

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