First Grade Curriculum

First grade is a key transition period for students who will shift to a more structured curriculum and environment from Kindergarten. Grade 1 is a pivotal year for building foundational skills in reading, writing and math as well as exposure to science and social studies.

Reading and language curriculum cover fundamental skills such as mastery of the alphabet through reading and writing simple sentences, as the proficiency level of incoming students can vary. The increased rigor called for in recent years has also raised the expectation to include reading and comprehending complete stories of greater length and complexity. Over the course of the year students should increase their reading fluency and rate to be prepared for second grade. Adaptive technology is one strategy to support instruction in foundational skills, using personalized learning paths for individual students.

In math, first graders may learn or continue mastering fundamental skills such as addition, subtraction, measurements, money, time and calendar math. Students should begin to show a deeper understanding of concepts through practice, including visible objects or shapes. Written math problems offer a chance to reinforce reading and writing skills.  Houghton Mifflin Harcourt invites you to explore the wealth of information about first grade curriculum.