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Learn about dates that will live in infamy, discover unforgettable leaders, and explore history's greatest moments. From U.S. history and military history to historical biographies and European history, our collection of historical content is vast.

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What do you expect from a history book? Improve your knowledge of past events by reading about history. Read tales of the peoples that came before your generation and learn from their mistakes and triumphs. We have series of books for children of all ages. Our collection of historical fiction stories for children are an exciting way for kids to immerse themselves in a different time period. You child can explore a variety of time periods from the Revolution War to the Civil Rights Movement. Are you an educator? We hope our inventory of great history books sparks the interest of history students around the globe. Choose Houghton Mifflin Harcourt for fantastic and trusted teaching resources and history lessons. We are devoted to helping parents and teachers bring the past to life.